The “RIGANTE” Mobile Cranes Industrial Co.

Founded in 1962, from the our Father, it is one of the most advanced industrial machinery manufacturing company in southern Italy.

Since 1992, the Sons have continue, Its assembly line, today produces a wide range of mobile cranes, hydraulic shifting and telescopic models.
The range of mobile cranes offers eight different models, the GR30, GR40, GR50, GR70, GR80, GR100, GR120 and GR150, fom 3 to 15 ton., both Electric-battery, and Diesel version.
Also Customizes models for specific needs of our customers are also available.

The “RIGANTE” Mobile cranes are highly recognized by customers looking for high level performance, quality, price, dependability, assistance and parts availability including older models.

Proof of the high quality of our machinery lies in the fact that there is a great demand in the world market.

Our machinery are built in such a way that maintenance and inspections are very easy and economical.

The easyness of maintenance will prevent costly repairs and loss of useful productive working time.

The “RIGANTE” Mobile cranes are simple, efficient and safe to operate, especially in small working areas, and are Certified "CE" and "FEM".

The “RIGANTE” is a trader also in Used Mobile Cranes from 20 to 600 ton.– mark is a symbol of a sound and sure investment.

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RI.GAN.TE Gru Semoventi
Via G. Bovio 336
76011 Bisceglie (Ba) Italy
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