GR50 mobile Crane (5 T.)  

The sound-proof embowered engine is installed in the back of a rotating platform connected to a geared wheel system allowing an 180° steering radius.
The framed engine remains unaltered allowing:
- Easy access to the operating components, servicing, and maintenance.
- A significant fuel saving and toxic emission reduction below the ece, r24 (by – law regulations) and the noise factor is reduced by about 80%.
- Low repair and maintenance.
- High dependability ensured by an automatic fail – safe operating system in case of mechanical failure.
- Equipped with an automatic supplementary system.
- Easy maintenance is facilitated by a self – cleaning system of the injection pump, and an hydraulic belt tightening system.
- The diesel engine has a 24,4 Kw. power, equipped with an electric starter.
- The hydraulic pulling and lifting power has an engine with an easy speed control shifting system located at the rear of the double power steering wheel system.
- The hydraulic pulling and lifting power system is equipped with a fail–safe compensating oil bearing valves enabling the equipment into a safe stop, in case of a mechanical or oil pressure failure, a special filter inserted in the oil circuit gives a constant assurance for a perfect functionality of the system.
- The GR50 Mobile Crane is also equipped with double hydraulic arms.
- The operating utility coverage area is about mt. 4,60 X 1,90 h 2,45.


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