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 Pick and Carry Cranes

and Telescopic Mobile Cranes


"RIGANTE", is an specialises company, in designing, developing, producing and export of Telescopic Mobile Cranes Pick-n Carry, range from 3 to 15 ton., in Electric or Diesel version.
Our line includes Diesel Cranes and Electric Battery-Operated, in standard or special version. These our Mobile cranes, built by "RIGANTE", can operate in the most areas, are powerful, compact and manoeuvrable in small areas.

Our Mobile Cranes Pick and carry, " made in Italy ", satisfies, combined warehouse operating requirements or Industrial assembling and maintenance, or construction sites of all kinds, worldwide.
This includes also special Electric vehicles for the mining, military Force, Marine Naval maintenance industries,and nuclear industries.

The "RIGANTE Pick and Carry Cranes" are well knows in the most industrial areas because of their space save possibilities,

some advantage of the RIGANTE Mobile Cranes ( pick-n-carry ) are

- small dimension crane and big load to lift, 
- he can operate and work in very small areas, 
- easy to use and big maneuverability also with load in movement, 
- very low maintenance, 
- use of materials of high quality 
- to work in closed environments, with the Electric version.
- great safety of job.
- Italian manufacturer

These Mobile Cranes are used mostly in fields such as :

- Industrial and commercial construction, Ship-yards, glass factories, 
   Bulk material, handling,
- Industrial assembling and maintenance, and in many sectors where maneuverability 
  demand is required in to small work area with to big load.

Descargar nuestro catálogo de la versión Diesel, modelo que se compruebe interés, y para más información, no dude en ponerse en contacto con nosotros por e-mail a:

NOTAS : Estamos buscando en serio Distribuidores en las zonas libras, se requiere en experiencia aquisita en la ventas y servizio de Gruas y Maquinaria Industrial.




Small and Compact Cranes

operating in restricted area

Highly manoeuvrable

compact and fully articulate

Pick and Carry Cranes


- See the technical data and Catalog -

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